Seirus Works to Reflect Diversity in the Outdoors

Working to promote increased diversity in the snow sports industry, Seirus announced a collaborative project with the In Solidarity Project, an organization that is building better, stronger, more diverse outdoor industry.

Designed to increase engagement of communities of color with the outdoors, proceeds from the artistic collaboration are earmarked for a pair of non-profit organizations working to support immigrant youth, United We Dream and The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights.

Featuring artwork from Alberto Lumas, Seirus’ graphic designer for five years, a special edition summer weight Lightwave50 Neck Up and a winter-ready Magnemask Combo Tube will be released in August.

Alberto’s designs include a folk-art-inspired “Léon” symbolizing strength and courage. Each piece also will include Lumas’ “Bandera,” inspired by the Mexican flag and speaking to the Mexican national, indigenous identity and culture.

“A design that portrays cultural identity makes it more approachable for people who aren’t familiar with an industry,” said Teresa Baker, CEO of In Solidarity Project. “The target audience for these designs is all communities across the board with a focus in the Latin/Hispanic community.”

Seirus’ Director of Marketing Danica Carey added, “Seirus is in a unique position to utilize the artwork of our own teammate, Alberto Lemus, to support both the mission of In Solidarity Project and the important work of two fabulous organizations, as well as recognizing and celebrating our internal diversity. We have an opportunity to invite more people from more backgrounds to join us in the outdoor industry and use that to create financial assistance for meaningful programs making a real difference.”

Perfect for outdoor activities in warmer weather, the Lightwave Neck Up 50 is moisture dispersing, quick-drying, wicking, and heat-dissipating. Designed to minimize the harmful rays of the sun, it’s a stretchable synthetic fabric with a UPF 50 rating.
A favorite of skiers and riders, the Magnemask Combo Tube is made from contoured Neofleece and has a comfortable four-way stretch for the perfect fit and all-day warmth.