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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Salt Life Announces Podcast: Above and Below with Kieran Anderson

Salt Life, a performance and lifestyle brand for saltwater pursuits of, announced the launch of its new podcast titled Above and Below: A Salt Life Podcast. The weekly series explores all aspects of the Salt Life and features interviews with experts across fishing, diving, surfing, and more.

Host Kieran Anderson is a Salt Life team member, professional surfer and avid waterman who leads discussions with guests who embody Salt Life’s passion for the ocean.

The first episode is available now on multiple podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts and features a conversation with diver, surfer and spear fisher Ryder DeVoe. Upcoming episodes include interviews with:

  • Peter Miller, professional fisherman and host of the Discovery Channel show Uncharted Waters
  • Connor Baxter, Stand Up Paddle World Champion and the “Fastest Paddler on Earth”
  • Cheyenne Lee, six-time IUSA World Record Holder in Women’s Spear fishing

“We’re looking forward to reaching listeners who share our enthusiasm for everything the Salt Life means,” said Jeff Stillwell, president of Salt Life. “At the heart of our brand is adventure on the water and tapping into our athlete network gives us the opportunity to share incredible stories from top professionals who have intimate connections to the ocean. We hope it inspires listeners to get out there.”

You can find the first episode here: https://www.saltlife.com/above-and-below-podcast

Anderson was raised in Southern California where the waves are consistent and the ocean is vast. Growing up down the street from the California coastline, he took up surfing at a young age. Throughout his childhood, it was second nature for him to grab his board and head out to the ocean almost every day.

Later in life, Anderson became a professional surfer, living out his childhood dream. He is not only a surfer, but is also an avid waterman. He enjoys diving and fishing in his spare time.

Anderson has traveled worldwide chasing big waves, and along the way has met awesome people who share his passion for the ocean. He joined team Salt Life in 2017. The ocean is his sanctuary, and he’s ready to talk about it.

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