Public-facing ‘bluesign Guide’ Unveiled

On Monday, bluesign and its system partners unveiled the new public bluesign GUIDE, a step forward in promoting sustainability and transparency in the supply chain. The launch of the public GUIDE reflects leading chemical management systems’ commitment to building a more sustainable future and empowering businesses and consumers in making informed decisions.

  • Among features in the bluesign GUIDE are:
    Open Access for All — The GUIDE is available to everyone, with no registration or login required. This open access is aimed at fostering rapid adoption of sustainable materials and practices across industries.
  • Increased Visibility — Companies listed in the GUIDE benefit from increased exposure to existing and potential new customers. This is an opportunity for brands and suppliers to highlight their dedication to sustainability and integrity in product and supply chain management.
  • Directly Shareable Links — The GUIDE allows for the integration of direct links within company communications. This feature is designed to enhance the way companies share their sustainable achievements with their audiences, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable business practices.
  • Effortless Certification Verification — The integration of QR codes in the GUIDE makes checking certification statuses a breeze. This ensures a swift and reliable verification process, enhancing trust and transparency between companies and their customers.
  • Up-to-Date Information — Having instant access to the latest information is crucial. The GUIDE offers immediate updates, keeping you and your customers at the forefront of sustainable knowledge and practices.
  • A Platform for Future Innovations – The GUIDE paves the way for the development of next-generation tools like the CUBE & the GUIDE, transforming them from mere verification tools to dynamic platforms for sustainable material sourcing.

Check out the bluesign Guide at:

bluesign is a full-service sustainability solutions system for the fashion supply chain that focuses on responsible chemistry. Through on-site assessments, input stream management and chemical inventory verification, the bluesign team uses a holistic approach with its system partners, including brands, manufacturers and chemical suppliers, to develop solutions that improve environmental performance, working conditions (OH&S), and resource consumption to create a higher level of safety for people (workers), the planet and consumers.