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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Primus Initiative Offers Free Replacement Parts to Its Multi-fuel Stoves

To combat overconsumption in the outdoor industry and its associated environmental impacts, Primus has launched its Service For a Reason initiative to provide free repair parts for select Primus stoves this spring.

The campaign centers around a philosophy that Primus has followed for nearly 130 years: maintaining and caring for your gear so it lasts longer. Through March 31, consumers can request parts for most Primus backpacking and multi-fuel stoves at https://primus.us/pages/service-for-a-reason.

“Today’s throw-away culture is driven by mass consumerism and the thought that products are disposable,” said Becky Day, marketing manager for Primus. “At Primus, we’ve never subscribed to this idea and we have prioritized serviceability in our design process for more than a century to keep our stoves running in top shape.

This not only allows our stoves to become lifelong companions, but it’s also a more sustainable option,” she added.

The careless use of materials cause a fair amount of greenhouse emissions. Primus is calling on outdoor adventurers who own one of its stoves to take advantage of this pre-season campaign to test their stoves and to get advice and free parts to repair them if needed.

“It’s natural for certain parts in camping equipment to wear out over time,” Day said. “By thinking about these details in the design process we can identify what parts are subjected to the most wear and tear. Then, we can make sure that replacing these parts is both easy and cost-effective so that our users can get the most out of their equipment on all of their adventures.”

To learn more about the initiative and to receive helpful stove maintenance tips and tricks, visit www.primus.us.


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