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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Patagonia Boosts Worn Wear Initiative

Patagonia is expanding its Worn Wear program in the hopes of raising awareness about how to repair and donate previously owned garments. The brand announced that it will launch a standalone Worn Wear site that will provide detailed information about its program and incentivize consumers to donate old garments with discounts on new purchases.

Started in 2013, Worn Wear is an effort to increase longevity of its products by offering repair services at select stores. It also has a repair center in Reno, Nev., that conducts an average of 30,000 repairs a year, and a traveling truck that tours around the country conducting free fixes of broken zippers, rips and lost buttons, said the company.

The site will go live in mid to late April, in  with Yerdle, a “recommerce” organization that facilitates Patagonia to sell pre-used goods online.

This year, Patagonia also went on its first college tour, visiting 21 universities to offer repair services and giving speeches at select schools about the process.

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