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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Outdoor Prolink Welcomes New Brand Partners in 2021

Outdoor Prolink, the pro purchase program created for outdoor professionals, announced new brand partnerships for this year.

These companies have been added to Outdoor Prolink’s brand network: Base Medical, Blackstrap, Bobo’s Oat Bars, Crazy Creek, Duonamic, EcoVessel, Good-To-Go, GSI Outdoors, Helly Hansen, HEX, Maxim Climbing Ropes, SMRT Tent, Mtn Ops, Snow Peak, Solo Stove, and Zeal Optics. Launching later this year are ABS Avalanche Airbags and NOBL Wheels.

“We are very excited about growing our catalog of brands and making these amazing companies known and available to our network of outdoor industry professionals,” said Kenzie Rodriguez, CMO at Outdoor Prolink. “Over the years we’ve seen just how effective our pro purchase program can be for brands in generating buzz, sales and enlisting our Outdoor Prolink industry professionals to be advocates and educate on behalf of a brand. We’re excited to work closely with each of these new brands to craft an omnichannel strategy to support their marketing goals.”

Outdoor Prolink believe outdoor professionals are the beating heart of the industry and know that pro-purchase programs are effective only if they are 100 percent legit.

Gareth Richards, founder, and CEO and his team strive to be the most authentic, responsible pro purchase program in the industry. To make good on that promise, Outdoor Prolink iterates on its proprietary application review process with input from brands and other industry relationships. You can read more about Outdoor Prolink’s approach to responsibility and authenticity in its manifesto.

The growth in brand partners supports the belief that vetted outdoor professionals should have access to the best, high-quality recreational goods and services. The expansion of Outdoor Prolink’s brand network continues to connect more brands to more pros, a win for all.

If you or your brand are interested in joining Outdoor Prolink, visit: outdoorprolink.com


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