Outdoor Alliance Unveils Playbook to Fight Climate Change

Expanding outdoor recreation access while fighting climate change and preserving biodiversity are among the key benefits of natural climate solutions, according to a policy report the Outdoor Alliance (OA) has released.

The OA is a non-profit that works on behalf of the human-powered outdoor recreation community to protect public lands and waters.

The report, A Vision for Protecting Nature: How Natural Climate Solutions Can Benefit the Climate and Outdoor Access, distributed this week to U.S. policymakers, details 15 concrete actions the United States can take to address the demand for recreation, support the outdoor economy, ensure sustainable and equitable outdoor access, and protect nature — all while mitigating the effects of climate change.

OA’s report is a roadmap to climate solutions the United States could take in the next two to five years. The full report is available to the public on the Outdoor Alliance website.

Outdoor Alliance will use the report to help guide its efforts to champion conservation-related causes on behalf of people who recreate outdoors. The report invites decision-makers to work to advance these actions while extending an invitation to individuals, organizations and partners to join in advocating for them as solutions.

“Protecting nature is a win-win-win solution, and we are in a critical moment to secure a future with more protected land and water,” said Adam Cramer, CEO of Outdoor Alliance. “Expanding land protections, funding climate and the outdoors, and passing conservation reforms and strong recreation policy are four priorities that will provide climate benefits and sustainable, equitable outdoor recreation access for everyone in America.”

The report comes at a critical time, following the Biden Administration’s commitment to 30×30, the goal of conserving 30 percent of lands and waters in the United States by 2030. Outdoor Alliance staff sees 30×30 as a useful framework for near-term conservation efforts.

In 2021, Outdoor Alliance produced a report in support of 30×30. This report, How Outdoor Recreationists Can Support 30×30, provided recommendations on how public lands and waters could be a part of climate solutions while also supporting equitable and sustainable access to outdoor recreation.

“Our support for 30×30 stems not just from our ambition for conservation, but from the recognition of 30×30’s potential to support goals in synergy,” Cramer said.

The new report outlines four sections of the proposed action, including:

  • Land protections, such as protecting lands and waters as National Monuments, and Tribally led conservation
  • Investments and funding, such as allocating resources and active stewardship to respond to the effects of the climate crisis
  • Legislative and administrative reforms, such as mining, and oil and gas reforms
  • Recreation policy, such as passing America’s Outdoor Recreation Act (AORA) to enhance the outdoor recreation economy, expand recreation opportunities, protect the outdoors, and ensure recreation remains sustainable

“As with any major policy goal, it’s critical to success that people make their voices heard with their representatives in Congress,” said Cramer. “And we’ll be working to make sure the human-powered outdoor recreation community knows how they can most easily do that.”

Learn more at OutdoorAlliance.org.

Photo by Holly Manarich