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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Oboz Launches Partnership with Black Folks Camp Too

Oboz Footwear has partnered with North Carolina-based Black Folks Camp Too (BFCT) in support of its mission to introduce and educate more African Americans, as well as other uninitiated campers and hikers, on the basics and joys of getting into the outdoors.

As part of the partnership, Oboz will advise BFCT on the footwear segments of its Digital Education Initiative, while BFCT will assist and advise Oboz with its justice, equity, diversity and inclusion work.

“Two of our core tenets as the True to the Trail brand are being ‘True to our People’ and ‘True to our Community,’” said Rich Hohne, Oboz Director of Brand + Consumer Experience. “By working with the team at Black Folks Camp Too, we are expanding our community beyond Bozeman, Montana, and our historical customer, which is an imperative step in the diversity, equity and inclusion work we are doing.”

BFCT’s Digital Education Initiative includes a series of educational content designed to help more people get into the outdoors. The content will cover basic tips for enjoying the outdoors as well as deeper commentary. Oboz’s Outreach and Training team will provide input on the importance of footwear and foot health while on the trail.

“We have created an amazing collaboration with Oboz where we are sharing each other’s expertise – their footwear knowledge and our guidance on how to improve diversity in the outdoors,” said Earl B. Hunter Jr, Black Folks Camp Too founder. “Black Folks Camp Too’s ultimate mission is to remove fear, add knowledge and invite ‘more’ Black folks to camp, and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everyone. At the center of our logo is the Unity Blaze and we are thrilled to have Oboz join us around the campfire where we ‘treat everyone, everywhere equally.’”

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