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Friday, June 18, 2021

Northside Announces Retail Initiative

Family footwear brand Northside announced a “reinvestment in retail-focused initiatives,” in an effort to better support its dealers and strengthen the brand’s retail presence. The investment is engineered around the goal of providing superior customer service, support systems and visual merchandising to Northside dealers, said Jack Wolfin, the brand’s president.

In conjunction with the debut of the spring/summer 2014 line to trade audiences, Northside will implement new practices and systems to better support the company’s dealers. Efforts include extensive sales rep training, more effective point of sale materials, additional branding assets, increased owner visibility and availability, re-vamped delivery processes and accountability standards, and an overall show of appreciation with engaging on-floor initiatives, said the company. Not only will these efforts further the reinvestment plans, but they will also embody and bring to life the brand’s updated tagline: “Just for Fun.”

“We know that any victory we see is a result of our dealers’ achievements, and we want to ensure that we are doing everything possible to enable these partners to reach their goals, to have fun doing it, and to know that we have their backs,” sakid Wolfin. “Our product isn’t changing; nor is our vision – we are simply making a larger effort to show our appreciation to those who make our business work.”

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