Meier Announces 2020 Eco Initiative

Meier Handmade Skis from Colorado Trees unveiled its new eco initiatives for 2020, which focuses on waste reduction, higher quality base materials and tops sheets, and few and non-toxic resins. Since Meier makes their skis, all initiatives are immediate.

In waste reduction, Meier has eliminated over 12 feet of single-use plastic film waste from each ski and snowboard in favor of a removable adhesive band. The company now uses a small adhesive band instead of single-use shrink wrap over the entire ski or snowboard. A durable hydrophobic nylon topsheet with printing on the underside boosts durability and aesthetic appeal.

Ted Eynon, owner and founder at Meier explains: “There has been a growing trend among large ski brands to cut costs and increase volume and competitive pricing, and with that some noticeable short cuts have been taken in material and lower quality top sheets. We make skis to last.”

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Instead of traditional epoxy, the non-toxic Super Sap used is derived from pine resin and recycled vegetable oil for greener manufacturing. The product guide with warranty and registration information included with product purchase is made from 100% PCW paper. The extra thick base material and edges deliver more turns and more turns over the life of the ski for a long-lasting product.

Meier’s eco-friendly and high-performance skis and snowboards get their unique character from their signature aspen and beetle kill pine wood core. They harvest the trees from the western slope of Colorado with responsible silvicultural techniques to help mitigate wildfire risk and give trees killed in the beetle kill pine epidemic a second life.