Lorpen Introduces First Alpha Sock

Spanish-based sock designer and manufacturer Lorpen has just released the T3+ Ski Warm Active Sock, the brand’s latest style for winter 18/19 and the only sock currently on the market that features Polartec Alpha insulation.

This insulation technology from Polartec, originally designed for U.S. Special Forces, reduces the need to add or remove layers while in harsh conditions, says Polartec. Instead, Alpha insulation regulates body temperature, in both stationary and high-output situations, using a mix of low density fibers situated between breathable woven fabric. The result is a packable, lightweight material that offers supreme moisture management and temperature control.

“We are always on the lookout for innovations that can improve performance within our products. Incorporating this technology from Polartec into Lorpen’s newest style was a no-brainer,” says Dakota Hyde, US Sales Manager for Lorpen. “The T3+ Ski Warm Active Sock offers the highest level of warmth and protection for skiers and mountaineers. This style is designed to operate in the most extreme cold weather climates on Earth, and we are excited to offer it to athletes who push the limits in those settings,” continues Hyde.

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The T3+ Ski Warm Active Sock features a 15” over-the-calf height, cushioning throughout the footbed and at the shin, and left foot/right foot anatomical design for a precision fit that ensures better blood and nerve flow and unrestricted movement. This style is now available online at www.lorpennorthamerica.com.