KICKS CREW Selects Forter to Scale Digital Commerce Operations

Forter, a platform for digital commerce, announced KICKS CREW, a global e-commerce platform for sneakers and apparel, selected Forter to help scale its business globally, by minimizing friction within the buyer’s journey, driving revenue and reducing fraud.

KICKS CREW is a fast-growing global online marketplace for athletic footwear and sportswear with more than 400,000 styles. The company wants to make sneaker culture more accessible to all consumers. From running, basketball, golf and tennis to drops across New York, Tokyo, London and Shanghai, KICKS CREW partners with retailers and boutiques to guarantee authenticity.

To provide a top-of-the-line experience for its global customer base, it has become imperative that KICKS CREW streamline the payments process for good customers and block fraudsters.

Relying on rigid rules and manual reviews to approve online orders means many legitimate customers are declined for either being “high-risk” transactions or new to the site. For a brand that operates in multiple markets, it’s more difficult to customize rules for local market nuances.

In fact, according to Forter’s research, merchants can lose up to 75 times more revenue from false declines than to fraud. More than 40 percent of customers generally will not retry to purchase from a site that rejects them.

On the heels of its $6 million Series A funding round, KICKS CREW was looking to expand its market without introducing any friction to the buyer’s journey. Am automated approach to fraud management that delivered real-time, accurate decisions to improve customer experience, drive revenue and increase approval rates would serve KICKS CREW’s vision best.

KICKS CREW selected Trusted Conversions from Forter to help scale its operations by maximizing customer experience and lifetime value through precise fraud decisioning. By assessing customer trustworthiness within an average of 400 milliseconds, KICKS CREW can approve more transactions and reject fraudsters, improving customer experience and its bottom line. With Forter, KICKS CREW increased its approval rate to more than 97 percent.

In addition to its differentiated technology, KICKS CREW benefits from Forter’s customer success team that understands each customer’s objectives, tunes implementation and ensures exceptional outcomes.

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