Outdoor Industry Association Announces UPS Savings Program

The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) has partnered with UPS to provide enhanced benefits for all its members.

Through the OIA UPS Savings Program, OIA members have access to significant savings on shipping, free UPS Smart Pickup, dependable services and tools to make shipping and receiving packages easier and more cost-effective.

Through the partnership, OIA membership provides more value to the outdoor community. The UPS benefits will reduce shipping costs for any OIA member. Whether shipping single packages, pallets, or frequently importing and exporting goods, the cost reduction will be impactful for any size business.

Some highlights of the OIA UPS Savings Program include:

  • 50 percent on Domestic Next Day/Deferred
  • 30 percent on Ground Commercial/Residential
  • Up to 50 percent off international Imports/Exports
  • Free UPS Smart Pickup service
  • Direct UPS customer service access
  • Flexible Parcel Insurance
  • On-demand webinars to gain insight on shipping and operating efficiency

OIA members can access the UPS discount and benefits through an existing UPS account or by enrolling through the OIA membership page. OIA members with active accounts can simply re-enroll and apply for the member-only savings to their UPS profile.

For more information on the Savings Program, visit OIA UPS Savings Program.

“OIA continues to increase opportunities for our members to realize business savings that positively impact their bottom line with partners like UPS,” said Dr. Arlene Charles, COO of Outdoor Industry Association. “In addition to our annual research, being a voice for policy and advocacy, OIA also focuses on providing amazing membership benefits that save money, time, and stress. The OIA UPS Savings Program is no outlier, no matter what shipping scale you work with.”

OIA members have access to industry research and data, education events, a voice in policy and advocacy efforts, and business savings among the extensive array of membership benefits. The addition of the OIA UPS Savings Program brings OIA membership value to a new level as members see direct savings applied to their daily operations.

To learn more about your OIA membership or how to enroll, visit outdoorindustry.org/membership.