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Friday, June 18, 2021

Jackson Kayak Names Redding Fishing Development Lead

Jackson Kayak provided a glimpse at the next stage in its fishing program with the announcement of Jameson Redding as Jackson’s new fishing development lead. This new position will tie consumer and team feedback directly with product design and quality control management, said the company.

Well known by manufacturing partners, in marketing circles and in many of fishing’s top communities, Jameson has been involved in R&D feedback for manufacturers for many years. This announcement comes at the heels of the Antix 2.0 launch where the development team and product direction were made clear for Jackson Katak’s whitewater division.

“Fishing will see involvement of many top names in kayak angling, lead by Jameson, and resulting in incredible new directions and improvements going forward,” said the company.

Jameson’s roles will include ensuring product design melds with consumer demand, fishing team feedback and dealer needs in all marketplaces. His experience in collecting market data, listening to the needs of customers who fish every day and his understanding of the design to production process makes him ideal for the position, said the company. The expectation is to see more focused attention on product development planning, concept work, prototyping, testing and partnerships in manufacturing.

“This past year Jackson has seen growth management exercises that have resulted in policies that are more focused on product vs projects outside the manufacturing realm.” stated James McBeath, Jackson’s marketing director. “Our process review and budgeting exercises have all of Jackson focused on building the best products in the marketplace, nothing else.  Jameson comes in to ensure that 2021 sees a whole new Jackson on many levels for our fishing customer.”

“Making the right decisions about what products our fans want and the quality in manufacturing is a top priority for me and Jackson, and what I see is my main role.” Jameson clarified. “We will no longer be making decisions in a bubble, but involving all stakeholders in our community, our team and our dealers. I get to be the voice of a community for Jackson.”

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