Investment Group Buys Beeline from Accell North America

Beeline Bikes, the former mobile bike service company that recently pivoted to providing software that helps bike retailers schedule service work and fulfill online bike sales, has been acquired from Accell North America by an investment group. Accell North America acquired the company from its founders in early 2018, after having held a minority investment for several years. 

According to reports, Accell North America is now largely shut down since its parent, Netherlands-based Accell Group, sold off most of its assets to Regent, a California investment group, in August. Regent, which renamed the business Alta Cycling Group, and which also recently acquired Mavic, did not acquire Beeline.

The group that bought Beeline is led by Ken Crafford of Los Gatos, California, who is the CEO and founding partner of the StrataFusion Group. The company said Beeline’s staff of about 15 people remains intact, with Peter Small serving as president and Pete Buhl serving as co-founder and active director.

“As a team, we are extremely excited to regain our independence and operate with a startup mindset as we focus on growing the business and our platform’s features,” said Small. “We’ve been fortunate to rapidly grow the Beeline network to include over 400 leading retailers since the launch of Powered by Beeline in January. We look forward to further enhancing our solutions to empower retailers to profitably grow their business and enable bike and e-commerce brands to offer an unmatched buying experience.”’

“We have been following Beeline’s evolution into a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that helps IBDs navigate and capitalize on the ever-changing consumer behaviors and retail dynamics,” said Crafford. “We see the future success of the bicycle industry and IBDs contingent on broadening the customer base. Beeline embraces the modern consumer and has built the best-in-class solution to help the bicycle industry thrive.”

Beeline’s retail network currently fulfills online orders from 11 brands, including the Alta Cycling Group brands, Pure Cycles, Cleary Bikes, and the suspension brand Trust. Buhl said Beeline expects to “quickly add” more brands. 

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