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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Fleet Fam Introduces Rewards Loyalty Program

Fleet Farm, a Midwestern retailer providing high-quality, value-priced merchandise and services for active, outdoor, suburban and farm communities, announced the launch of Fleet Rewards, a loyalty program and the debut of the Fleet Farm App.

Fleet Rewards was created as a thank you for loyal Fleet Farm shoppers and as a way to attract new customers by rewarding them with two rewards points for every dollar spent. And, for the more than 200,000 members of the Fleet Rewards Credit Card program, points are doubled for every dollar spent on qualified purchases made online or in-store with the credit card.

The Fleet Farm App is integrated with the FleetFarm.com website and the Fleet Rewards program. Users of the app can sign up for and manage their Fleet Rewards account as well as search and shop for products from the retailer.

With Fleet Rewards, members receive $5 in rewards for every 500 Rewards Points earned with an option to bank points for future bigger rewards. Members also earn 10 Rewards Points daily for checking into Fleet Farm with the Fleet Farm App.

To enroll in Fleet Rewards, visit fleetfarm.com, download the Fleet Farm App on the Apple App Store or Android Google Play, call 877-633-7456 or ask a Fleet Farm store team member to enroll you.

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