Fishing Equipment Line Re-Brands with Expanded Offering, Customer Engagement

American Outdoor Brands (AOB) Outdoor Products & Accessories Division, announced the launch of BUBBA, a new lifestyle brand that refreshes the company’s original Bubba Blade, a fishing accessories brand.  The new BUBBA brand, which features premium fillet knives and fishing pliers, is now positioned as “an adventurous lifestyle brand, providing inspiration, motivation, and education for all anglers who enjoy fishing in salt and freshwater environments,” said the company. From that position, the BUBBA brand will expand its presence with new products and new engagement opportunities for new customers and brand aficionados alike. 

Curtis Smith, Vice President of Marketing for the BUBBA brand , explained: “Our customers have long revered the Bubba Blade brand for the product’s high-performance capabilities and superb functionality. The new BUBBA brand comes from the same DNA – but casts an even wider net to capture the fun, adventurous, high-energy lifestyle that our fans live for out on the water. In 2019, we will be introducing informative, captivating new content, inspiring stories, and perhaps most importantly, innovative new fishing products that allow our fans to enjoy and explore every level of the ‘Water to Plate’ lifestyle.”

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The BUBBA brand’s updated image and messaging is designed to engage with its audience that values conservation; pioneering better, safer angling equipment; and, pursuing an authentic, adventurous lifestyle, said the company. Consistent with those values, the BUBBA brand makes its debut in 100% recyclable packaging.

Smith added, “We want to offer our customers, not only the highest-quality products possible, but also the opportunity to become a part of a larger community that shares the same passion for the active fishing lifestyle. We will be introducing several exciting new ways for fans to engage with the BUBBA brand through influencer programs, boots-on-the-ground campaigns, nationwide consumer activations, and authentic content that promotes our new direction. We are thrilled to begin this journey and we are proud to bring a unique, game-changing brand to angling enthusiasts of all levels.”