DuPont, Unifi and YOUNGONE Collaborate on Eco Insulation

DuPont Biomaterials, Unifi, Inc. and Youngone announced a new collection of insulation products that offers soft, dimensionally stable and sustainable options for cold-weather garments and bedding materials, said the companies.

 YOUNGONE – a leading global manufacturer of outdoor and athletic clothing, textiles, footwear and gear – is leveraging DuPont Sorona renewably sourced fiber and Unifi REPREVE recycled content to debut three new insulation products that provide lightweight breathable warmth with unique softness and shape retention.

The ECOLoft eco-elite insulation collection is the first post-consumer recycled product that also incorporates bio-based materials for insulation, said the companies. It features three products with various benefits that all offer a reduced environmental footprint without compromising on insulation performance.

“This ECOLoft collection will elevate sustainable, high-performance insulation solutions for the outdoor market and offer brands a versatile option for cold-weather products,” said Renee Henze, Global marketing director for DuPont Biomaterials. “Unlike traditional down or synthetic insulation products, this offering optimizes the use of recycled and renewably sourced content for best-in-class insulation solutions.”

The ECOLoft eco-elite insulation collection features three products:

·         ECOLoft ActiVe SR (35 percent Sorona + 55 percent REPREVE) – A synthetic, vertically lapped insulation that combines the warmth-to-weight of down with breathability that is defining a new category of padding and garment design options. Ecoloft ActiVe SR features more recycled + renewable content than industry peers, improved vapor management while maintaining warmth, and the compressibility and soft comfort that is ideal for active adventures.

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·         ECOLoft FLEX SR (60 percent Sorona + 35 percent REPREVE) – Maximized multi-layering of REPREVE and Sorona fibers in the padding web create a lightweight, warm insulation designed for breathability and movement. With a lower basis weight than its peers, it offers flexibility, stretch and comfort ideal for the casual market.

·         ECOLoft AIR SR (60 percent Sorona + 40 percent REPREVE) – Voluminous natural-down-like synthetic fiberfill for puffer jackets and similar products offers notable warmth, excellent washing performance and vapor management performance for enhanced comfort.

“Both the REPREVE and Sorona brands are working with revolutionary products in their own class, and with this partnership, we’re joining forces to continue to innovate within the outdoor market and beyond,” said Meredith Boyd, senior vice president of Global Innovations for Unifi. “Through important collaborations such as this, we can drive textile innovation and help revolutionize the future of our industry.”

“These textile leaders are committed to innovation, sustainability and performance – and partnering with them will enable us to offer first-of-their-kind eco-conscious and high performing insulation products,” said Rick Fowler, CTO at Youngone. “We are thrilled to partner with such industry pioneers and launch a much-needed product in the industry.”