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Thursday, July 29, 2021

DU Unveils Sportsman Insurance Plan

In collaboration with 3P Risk Strategies, LLC (3P), Ducks Unlimited (DU announced the launch of the Sportsman Protection Plan, a specialized suite of insurance and service products designed to help mitigate potential risks people may experience during outdoor sporting activities.

“In working with DU, we feel truly honored to be partnering with such a highly respected leader in conservation,” said executive vice president andchief operating officer at 3P Risk Strategies, Miles Allkins. “Their passion and expertise have allowed us to create what we feel includes essential tools to protect the sportsman while following their passion.”

The plan offers a variety of features available exclusively to DU members, including protections and benefits that result from travel complications, damaged sporting equipment, injury to the person and/or their pet and identity theft. This plan also offers access to a nationwide network of attorneys available for legal consultation regarding hunting related activities. Discounted attorney fees for miscellaneous needs are also available.

A portion of every enrollment into the Sportsman Protection Plan will be donated to DU’s conservation efforts.

“As the new president of DU, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to what I feel is one of the most robust personal protection plans for the avid outdoorsman.” said DU president, Doug Schoenrock. “In my opinion, this plan is an essential product for all of our members.”

Full details of the plan, including benefits of the specific insurance and service products, can be found at www.ducksplan.com.

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