Dovetail Launches Dealer Support Program

Dovetail announced the launch of a dealer support program which will profile dealers online that stock Dovetail products and invite consumers in the partner dealer regions to shop their stores as they’re open in late spring and throughout the summer 2020 months.

According to Teresa Ross, Dovetail’s National Sales Manager ,“The stronger and more on point our support, the stronger our dealers businesses will be with the Dovetail brand and the more women we will be able to support generally.”

Ross continued, “We explored a variety of alternatives to accomplishing these goals and determined that an internal program which directly targets Dovetail fans through a digital outreach program was the best approach for Dovetail’s dealer network.”

Dovetail will work with participating dealers to develop and promote a series of paid social ads targeted at core Dovetail consumers within geographic proximity of the dealers themselves. This program will be available to qualifying dealers who have been selected to do a pilot run and is targeted to begin June 8th, 2020.

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The Dovetail digital marketing team, meanwhile, has created easy “how-to” forms to support and instruct dealers that are becoming more active on their own social channels. “As some stores begin to diversify the ways in which they connect with their consumers, Dovetail is positioned to help them connect to consumers through Dovetail’s own social media channels including Instagram and Facebook,” said the company.

Dovetail also has created a password protected portal to a dealer resources online index which includes easy forms for dealers to utilize in sending images and captions for simple sharing, supporting and advertising that will help to raise awareness of and drive traffic to Dovetail’s dealers across the country.