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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

ColdPruf Upgrades to Silvadur Throughout Line

ColdPruf Base Layer has upgraded its product line with Silvadur antimicrobial, made by The Dow Chemical Company.

ColdPruf is one of the first base layer manufacturers to incorporate the patented Silvadur technology in its products. Silvadur’s patented delivery system intelligently releases silver ions when odor-causing bacteria land on treated apparel, neutralizing them on contact and eliminating undesirable odors, says the company. Effectively controlling odors can reduce the need for frequent laundering and extend the life of products.

“Using Silvadur as our antimicrobial treatment is a significant upgrade for our product line,” states ColdPruf VP of Sales and Marketing Peggy Denomme. “Not only does it improve the performance of our garments, but it adds significant value for our customers.”

ColdPruf is the latest in an increasing number of outstanding, progressive manufacturers taking advantage of Silvadur technology to meet the growing global demand among consumers for apparel and other products that feature odor control and longer lasting freshness,” said Karel Williams, global strategic marketing associate director for Dow Microbial Control. “In addition, these manufacturers understand that today’s consumers are focused on making savvy investments in the textile and apparel products they buy and they appreciate wearable technology and intelligent fabrics from companies like ColdPruf.

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