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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Chemours Announces Two New Segments

The Chemours Company divided its former fluoroproducts segment into two new reportable segments: Thermal & Specialized Solutions (“TSS”, formerly Fluorochemicals) and Advanced Performance Materials (“APM”, formerly Fluoropolymers).

This change will enable an enhanced customer centered approach, management focus and decision-making, strengthened resource allocation, and increased transparency and accountability. Each business will be empowered to maximize its full potential through continued investments in innovation and technology that build on Chemours’ expertise across both unique product portfolios, leading to strong long-term customer and shareholder value.

Accordingly, new leadership has been appointed to lead the TSS and APM segments and unlock the value in these businesses.

Alisha Bellezza, current vice president, fluorochemicals, has been appointed president of TSS. Denise Dignam, current vice president, fluoropolymers, has been appointed president of APM. Edwin (Ed) Sparks, currently president of fluoroproducts, will become president of the titanium technologies business upon the retirement of Bryan Snell. Each of these appointments will be effective March 1, 2021.

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