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Saturday, July 31, 2021

CamelBak Partners with Unlikely Hikers

CamelBak, a global leader in award-winning personal hydration products, announced a new partnership with Unlikely Hikers, an outdoor community that features underrepresented people in the outdoors. Together, the organizations will continue to support diversity, anti-racism and body positivity in the outdoors through community events, ambassadors, blog posts and podcast episodes.

Unlikely Hikers is a nationwide hiking group, podcast and Instagram community that seeks to redefine how we define “outdoorsy” to be more representative of the broad swath of people and bodies that recreate in the outdoors.

Through enriching conversations about access, politics, conservation and honoring the land and its Indigenous stewards, Unlikely Hikers and its founder, Jenny Bruso, have carved an important space for representation in the outdoors.

“Partnering with CamelBak will finally allow Unlikely Hikers to take things to the next level and provide even more opportunities for our diverse community of adventurers,” said Bruso. “Unlikely Hikers is so much more than a social media platform. The heart and soul of what we do is in our in-person events. Not only is CamelBak supporting these experiences, but they are providing support for our small staff and its expansion via our UH Leader program and our growing group hiking chapters.”

As part of the partnership, CamelBak and Unlikely Hikers will partner through several avenues. First, Unlikely Hikers will present quarterly group hikes sponsored by CamelBak in locations across the United States to support and connect with local communities. The Unlikely Hikers content creation team will also develop posts to live on CamelBak’s Thirst Things First blog throughout the year.

Bruso recently started her own podcast, also titled Unlikely Hikers, and CamelBak will sponsor a few episodes each year. Finally, on the influencer side, CamelBak will support several Unlikely Hikers ambassadors and will outfit the entire ambassador team with the latest gear and equipment from CamelBak.

For more information about Unlikely Hikers, visit: https://jennybruso.com/unlikelyhikers/

For more information about CamelBak, visit https://www.camelbak.com.

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