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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Camber Outdoors Names Three to Board 

Camber Outdoors, the active-outdoor industries organization focused on equality for all women in the outdoors, announced the election of three new board members:

  • Roger Gierhart, Vice President of Trek Bicycle Corporation
  • Jessica Murphy, Managing Director of Runner’s World
  • Catherine Walker, former Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)

“We’re pleased to have such a strong group of new board members from across the active-outdoor industries,” said Susan Viscon, Camber Outdoors’ board president. “These individuals will bring great knowledge and perspective to our work, and I’m confident they’ll make a significant impact on our organization’s growth.”

In addition to setting policies and priorities, the Camber Outdoors board serves the critical role of guiding the organization’s overall direction as it works to support and accelerate women’s leadership and participation in the outdoors, from the backcountry to the boardroom. The new board members are committed to supporting Camber Outdoors’ vision and helping it to realize its goals.

“Trek has benefitted from having some of the best women in the industry in leadership roles. But we can do better. The challenge is finding and recruiting a diverse pool of candidates,” says Gierhart. “I believe Camber can add significant value to its member companies by being the go-to resource for finding and hiring women.”

“Running is a sport that has been so heavily dominated by male leadership, despite sport participation skewing heavily female in recent years,” says Murphy. “It is a space that is ripe for innovation and guidance on the topic of diversity, and also badly needing a new crop of young, motivated women who are hungry to engage with an organization like Camber Outdoors.”

“It will be a privilege to contribute to Camber Outdoors’ success and its positive impact on the outdoor industry,” says Walker. “During my years of affiliation with REI, I worked to recruit, hire, support, mentor, and promote talented and committed women. REI’s sustained success is a testament to the power of women’s leadership.”

Camber Outdoors said it was tremendously grateful for the service, time, and talent of outgoing board members Julia Clark Day, Audrey Hicks, Lu Setnicka, and Therese Thompson. These individuals supported the organization through significant growth and change and will continue share in its success.

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