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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Bill Aims to Get Kids Outside

A new bill from Senator Mark Udall and Rep. Ron Kind aims to get kids (and their parents) back outside to improve their health and their connections to the great outdoors.

The “Healthy Kids Outdoor Act” will encourage states and federal agencies to develop plans to get more kids outside – learning about nature and getting some exercise. The bill will also encourage new and rehabilitated parks, bike trails, and other green spaces for kids and families to enjoy.

“This is a great effort by Senator Udall and Congressman Kind,” said Paul Sanford, Senior Recreation Specialist for The Wilderness Society. “Today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders, and we will need leaders that know the value of our parks, wildlife refuges, and forests. Healthy kids need healthy lands, so it’s important that we make sure there lots of wild places for people to enjoy. This bill focuses on both.”

“One of the biggest benefits of this bill is the emphasis on unstructured activities – sometimes, kids just need to be kids, and go exploring forests and creeks and other places in the great outdoors. It’s a great way to connect with nature, and we need healthy and vibrant wild lands to go to,” said Sanford.

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