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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Baffin Hires U.S. Manager

As Baffin’s product line has expanded and it offers a growing selection of all season, wet weather and cold climate footwear, the Canadian company has added dedicated management in the United States. Clark Perkins has joined Baffin as Business Manager for the US. Perkins will be leading efforts in the USA to promote Baffin’s high-performance outdoor and industrial footwear.

“I am extremely fortunate to be part of Baffin’s future as we expand Baffin’s business further in the USA,” states Perkins. With past experience at EJ Footwear and Justin Brands Inc., Perkins has previously successfully lead Lehigh, Justin Original Workboots and most recently Chippewa Boot brands.

“His successful experience in both US and international business with other great brands is impressive” says Paul Hubner, CEO of Baffin.  ”We are pleased that Clark is on board and is focusing on business growth in the USA for both Baffin and our retail partners.”

Clark Perkins is available at cperkins@baffin.com and 214-289-8270.

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