ARVA Introduces Refillable REACTOR Carbon Canister

ARVA, developers of snow safety equipment for more than 35 years, announced the arrival of North America’s carbon fiber airbag canister. Weighing t nearly half the weight (370g full) of its steel counterpart, the uber-lightweight carbon canister goes unnoticed in an airbag backpack, allowing users to travel in avalanche terrain without compromising safety.

ARVA’s refillable carbon cartridge uses compressed air (EN 12021 standard) making it a more sustainable option than electric power. The 250ml capacity maintains powerful inflation performance while keeping weight to the bare minimum.

The carbon canister complies with North American shipping standards and IATA regulations for the air transport of luggage by passengers internationally. For North American air travel, TSA requires canisters to be empty, with the cap and fitting removed. The carbon-wrapped aluminum, DOT-approved canister ships prefilled, and ARVA’s unique mail-in refill services make it even easier to be ready for any adventure.

“This has been a multi-year process, both to get the product compliant as well as create a network of service centers able to refill as needed for testing and travel,” said Jeremy Jolley, ARVA US Market Manager. “If a refill center is not near your home or travel destination our mail-in service will be a game changer as well. Once you ski or ride with this premium product there is no comparison”

Canister airbag systems are the most proven products in the field. ARVA’s simple and efficient design is the lightest complete system in the world while maintaining high safety standards including the strongest inflation power within a rigid dual-chamber airbag.

The Reactor series is a product of attention to detail and an evolution of many years of experience in avalanche safety. The introduction of the ARVA carbon canister enables users to forget their worries about leaving a pack at home because of weight. With its balanced and lightweight design, every backcountry skier will appreciate the reliable performance and dependability of the new ARVA carbon canister.