American Hiking Society Launches ‘Vote Public Lands’ Campaign

Continuing the focus of protecting, preserving and expanding public lands, American Hiking Society announces the launch of a Vote Public Lands campaign to encourage its members, supporters and the public in general to get involved and get educated on public lands issues.

Between now and the end of the year, Congress is expected to vote on crucial legislation impacting public lands for years to come. The expiration of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), the $21.1 billion-and-growing maintenance backlog on public lands, funding for trails and outdoor recreation and continued threats to national monuments require action now, says the non-profit.

So AHS is introducing a new resource to get educated and get involved to pass these bills. This includes:

Get Educated: The launch of the Vote Public Lands landing page providing information on legislation and current support by elected officials. This landing page allows visitors to learn about the most pressing public lands legislation and whether their member of Congress has supported these issues.

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Get Involved: The Vote Public Lands campaign also provides resources for the public to contact their elected officials through emailsocial media, or inperson These tools allow AHS members and public lands supporters to directly engage with Congress to call for the passage of public lands legislation.

“American Hiking Society is thrilled to launch the Vote Public Lands campaign, elevating the voices of hikers, trail users, and all lovers of public lands.” Commented Kathryn Van Waes, American Hiking Society’s executive director. “With little time to act after the election, during the lame duck session, members of Congress must hear from all public lands supporters on the need to address these critical pieces of legislation that will shape our public lands for decades.”