Amazon Go Not the Only Autonomous Stores Anymore

Amazon is certainly not the only company disrupting retail. Startup Standard Cognition last week announced upcoming plans to open a cashierless store in San Francisco.

The store, dubbed Standard Market, is a 1,900 square foot proof-of-concept that will use cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) to track shoppers’ movement while inside the store. Not a retailer, Standard Cognito is using the market as a proof of concept of autonomous checkout system and a place to refine its technology, which will be licensed to retailers. In July, the company announced a deal with Paltac Corporation, a Japanese wholesaler of consumer goods and over-the-counter drugs, enabling the company to use Standard Cognition’s cashierless systems.

Standard Market will at first be open just two days per week as Standard Cognition tests the waters, with an expansion of three days a week planned for later this month.

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The number of shoppers allowed in the store will also be restricted to three, although the company intends to open its doors to more customers in the days ahead.

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