Alterra Taps Mashgin for Faster Self-checkout

Mashgin, a fast touchless self-checkout system, and Alterra Mountain Company, owners of 15 North American mountain destinations, announced the first deployment of computer vision-powered self-checkout terminals at a ski destination.

Mashgin and Alterra have partnered to speed up the checkout experience at several food and beverage facilities at Alterra resorts, saving guests time to get back on the slopes. The new self-checkout kiosks at Palisades Tahoe, Big Bear Mountain Resort and Mammoth Mountain in California, and Winter Park Resort in Colorado, enable customers to check out in seconds, shortening lines and improving the guest experience.

Developed to accommodate families and groups, Mashgin’s multi-tray functionality feature captures multiple trays of food and beverage items and rings each up in a single checkout transaction, making it easy for families or groups to self-checkout multiple trays of food together. Here’s a video of how multi-tray works.

Mashgin uses AI-powered computer vision to recognize and ring up objects up to 10 times faster than traditional checkout with a cashier. The kiosks identify packaged goods, produce, and open-plated food items – a burger, bowl of chili, combo meal plate, a piece of fruit – from any angle. Mashgin uses cameras to identify and read existing visual information such as colors, shapes, sizes, and other features in much the same way a human eye does. Items don’t have to lie flat or with their barcode exposed to a scanner. Once placed on the kiosk tray, Mashgin identifies the items, enabling customers to checkout within seconds.

Mashgin’s touchless self-checkout system with multi-tray functionality is convenient for family-style cafeterias at theme parks or aquariums, fast food restaurants and grocery stores. Learn more at or visit