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Friday, June 18, 2021

Airtime Watertime Joins Mad Jack Outdoor E-commerce Platform

Mad Jack Outdoor and wetsuit brand Airtime Watertime announced a partnership concentrated on kickstarting the wetsuit company’s online sales. Airtime Watertime, based in Santa Barbara, Calif., manufactures the patented Floater, a unique personal flotation wetsuit combining buoyancy, flexibility and protection. The Airtime Watertime wetsuit stands (or floats) alone because of the added flotation in the front panel.

“Like other innovative brands, we recognized early on Mad Jack Outdoor’s unique formula for building younger, innovative brand’s eCommerce presence in the outdoor space,” said Mark Okrusko, founder of Airtime Watertime, “It was a no-brainer to partner with them, as Mad Jack Outdoor immediately saw the impact the wetsuit can have with water safety and the environment.”

Mad Jack Outdoor is a first-of-its-kind online marketplace in the outdoor space. Utilizing a three-pronged approach, this marketplace model enables new brands — that are fresh off of Kickstarter or new to the market — to reach customers outside of the traditional, slow-to-adopt channels. Simultaneously, the marketplace works with independent specialty retailers to showcase their overstocked or out of season brands at a discounted rate, and gives shoppers the opportunity to access the entire product catalogs of veteran brands.

“We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and how products are developed” said Michele Collison, co-founder of Mad Jack Outdoors. “Mark’s story on how he barely survived a surfing accident, but from the accident, the idea of the Airtime Watertime flotation suit was born, is so inspirational. Plus we love that this suit is certified Reef Smart by the Legacy Reef Foundation.”

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