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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

AfterShokz Introduces Bone Conduction Audio Sunglasses

OptiShokz, the new brand founded by bone conduction technology company AfterShokz, announced the debut of its premium bone conduction audio sunglasses. Revvez are designed to allow cyclists, runners, hikers, golfers, skiers and others to listen to their favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks and make/take calls on their adventures while safely maintaining complete ambient sound awareness. OptiShokz Revvez are launching via an Indiegogo campaign on February 19, 2019.

In a six-year study, experts found that 116 people in the U.S. died or seriously injured themselves due to a lack of environmental awareness that stemmed from wearing headphones. Most often, these injuries occurred in urban environments as headphone users were struck by oncoming trains or traffic.[1]

Revvez’ bone conduction technology keeps users’ ears completely open, allowing them to safely enjoy the activities they love while listening to audio directly from their phone. Sound is delivered through transducers in the sunglasses temple arms, that guide mini vibrations through the cartilage behind the ear, directly to the inner ear (cochlea), bypassing the eardrums completely. Revvez are the first, and only sunglasses with the transducers positioned to transmit sound through the cartilage behind the ear, providing the best bass response and volume. This technology, when paired with the eye-protection of sunglasses, has incredibly practical implications for a wide range of outdoor activities. Whether one’s a runner or a cyclist approaching a busy intersection, a fisherman or hunter relying on all senses for that prize catch, or a hiker on a remote trail with the occasional bobcat sighting, Revvez will allow absolutely anyone to enjoy their favorite activities like never before.

The team behind OptiShokz has more than 200 patents related to bone conduction technology worldwide, including its PremiumPitch+ technology, delivering dynamic sound and deep bass, and its LeakSlayer technology, which solves the issue of natural sound leakage and ensures that other people cannot hear a user’s music or personal conversations. Also, Revvez’ dual noise-canceling microphones eliminate external noise while enhancing speech volume, ensuring that all calls come in loud and clear for both participants.

The TR-90 Nylon frame is formulated for strength, flexibility, and impact resistance, while its adjustable, two-position titanium temple arms allow for a secure fit and optimal placement of bone conduction transducers. Each pair includes three interchangeable silicone rubber nose pads to ensure a comfortable, customizable fit. For maximum versatility, there are four lenses to choose from including a Polarized Grey Lens, REVO Blue Lens. Transparent Lens, and Bright Yellow Lens. All of the lenses are interchangeable and molded in Teijin polycarbonate (glasses come with your choice of one lens, and additional lenses are sold separately).

“We could not be more excited to launch OptiShokz Revvez, allowing outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes to maintain environmental awareness while connected to their music and calls,” says Ken Chen, Chairman and CTO of OptiShokz. “It’s taken us more than 10 years to develop the world’s best bone conduction technology for AfterShokz, and now it’s time to use that work in other products and applications that will enhance the active user’s lifestyle. The result has exceeded our expectations in every way, and we cannot wait to get Revvez into the hands of cyclists, runners, golfers and more later this year.” 

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