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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Awayco Expands Platform to Include Mountain Sports

Awayco, an experience platform that connects adventure seekers with premium outdoor gear in key locations around the world, announced today that it has launched its mountain category in North America, Europe, and Japan, offering premium skis and snowboards, with mountain bikes coming soon.

To support its growth into the category, Awayco also announced the appointment of former professional skier, lawyer, and commercial director of Black Crows skis, Chris Booth, as vice president of EMEA Business Development.

Since Awayco’s launch in December 2017, the San Francisco-based tech company has built a global community of members who have the opportunity to experience premium gear via retailers in more than 50 destinations worldwide. Awayco members can sign up for free and reserve their experience today or for a future date, to ride the best skis, boards, and splitboards from brands like DPS, Faction, Black Crows, Jones, Burton, YES, Moss Snowstick and Ride in iconic destinations globally, full list here.

Founded by CEO Gideon Silverman (previously Product Manager at Google) and CXO Francesco Nerieri (Director of Engineering at Google), Awayco brings not only a new way for consumers to experience premium products but a new channel for the outdoor industry to build their audience, and engage and monetize customers.

“Technology should make it easy for people to connect with the unique communities and cultures that define our passions for mountains, roads, oceans and waves,” Silverman said, “and as the custodians of these cultures and communities, we believe in empowering local retailers. Awayco started with rebuilding the rental experience, but we’re not stopping there. We are building a more economical, better way for anyone to live their passions, everywhere, in a sustainable and affordable way. We give Awayco partner brands and retailers a share of the upside, because we believe everyone can win.”

Awayco brings partners a new revenue channel that reduces inventory risk and improves cash flow for retail affiliates while building margins, said the company. Via the Awayco platform, brands drive motivated customers into specialty retailers to experience the most innovative products at the best locations.

Through a seamless in-store booking platform and a free Awayco kiosk, Awayco elevates customer experiences and simplifies the rental process. Awayco supports shop staff with 10 second sign-up, zero admin, automatic payment, and insurance included, allowing retailers to do what they do best: make people happy with great service and friendly product advice. Awayco members can also browse and reserve an affiliate’s Awayco fleet from anywhere in the world.

Awayco says it is committed to building lasting, long-term partnerships with its retailers and connecting people to brick and mortar businesses to engage in more personal interactions, customer service, expertise and experience.

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