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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Green Guru, Bike Fixtation Announce Tube Recycling Partnership

Green Guru, the Boulder, Colo-based designer and manufacturer of eco-friendly luggage, bike bags and outdoor gear has partnered with Bike Fixtation, a leader in public use bicycle repair equipment, to provide simple and cost effective inner tube recycling services for bike rooms, repair kiosks and other public use bicycle repair stations.

“Bike Fixtation is used to rescuing cyclists with a flat tube, now we can rescue that flat tube from the dumpster,” says Chad DeBaker, President and one of the founders of Bike Fixtation. “Both our company and Green Guru are built on a foundation of sustainability and this partnership was a natural fit..”

The inner tube recycling program was born from a desire to recycle damaged inner tubes that were being discarded at Bike Fixtation’s self-service bicycle repair kiosks in Minneapolis, Minn. Alex Anderson, another Bike Fixtation founder says, “Every time we would go to our kiosks we would see damaged inner tubes that had been thrown in the trash. We would salvage tubes and recycle them when possible, but the need for convenient inner tube recycling was apparent and I am glad that we were able to partner with Green Guru to make this a reality.”

The tube recycling program was recently implemented at Bike Fixtation’s existing bicycle repair kiosks in the Uptown Transit Station and Lake Street/Midtown LRT Station in Minneapolis. Secure tube recycling boxes are now available to all customers and the public at large. Bike Fixtation will collect, sort, and send the used inner tubes collected in these boxes to Green Guru, who will then clean the inner tubes and fashion them into useful cycling and outdoor products. Secure tube recycling boxes are now available through Bike Fixtation.

For information on the inner tube recycling program, you can contact Bike Fixtation at sales@bikefixtation.com

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