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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Yakima Revives RackDawg Retail Training

Yakima is bringing back RackDawg, the company’s longstanding technical training event program for retailers. The training program, which first got its start in the 1990s, is a full day of sessions that include sales training, product knowledge, and technical installation, with lots of Yakima-style fun mixed in, says the company.

Led by Yakima’s Road Warrior field team, the Yakima vehicle fit team, and Yakima sales representatives, RackDawg was created to arm retailers with the know-how they need to give their customers the best experience possible.

“With the recent launch of an entirely new aerodynamic roof rack system, the StreamLine System, and our entrance into the camping market with our first roof top tent, the SkyRise, Yakima continues to grow in new and exciting ways. RackDawg gives retailers an unparalleled, immersive experience that will give them complete confidence with these new fits and products,” said Matt Swainbank, Events and Training Manager. “These events are also a great opportunity for Yakima staff to get hands-on with our retail partners and learn from them as well.”

RackDawg is taking place from March through May at 15 cities across the country, and is open to all Yakima retailers.  For more information on RackDawg training, please visit explore.yakima.com/rackdawg-2017. To register for an event, please visit yakimagarage.com, or contact Yakima at roadwarrior@yakima.com.

RackDawg 2017 Schedule

Denver, CO – 4/5

Salt Lake City, UT – 4/11

Portland, OR – 4/14

Cleveland, OH – 4/18

Indianapolis, IN – 4/19

Lansing, MI – 4/20

Raleigh, NC – 4/25

Los Angeles, CA – 4/25

San Diego, CA – 4/26

Atlanta, GA – 4/27

San Francisco, CA – 5/8

Chicago, IL – 5/9

Minneapolis, MN – 5/11

Madison, WI – 5/12

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