Tifosi’s Awareness Collection Raises $3.2K for Breast Cancer Foundation

Tifosi Optics, a sport and lifestyle sunglasses brand, has raised $3,215 from its special Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. The funds were donated to the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation, a national leader in breast cancer research and education.

Tifosi’s Awareness Collection offered consumers an opportunity to purchase and wear stylish pink sunglasses to events such as breast cancer runs, bike-a-thons and fundraisers throughout October. A portion of each sale was earmarked for the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation.

Response to Tifosi’s initiative was overwhelmingly positive, with most styles of the Awareness Collection selling out by the middle of October.

“It’s a special feeling when our customers rally around a cause that we hold dear,” said Tifosi co-founder, Elizabeth Earley. “Our intention was to raise awareness and funds for the critical work carried out by our partners at Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation, and our Awareness Collection did just that.”

Since 1985 the Chicago-based Lynn Sage Breast Cancer has raised more than $40 million, investing the funds in scholarship programs, research grants, symposiums and fellowships locally and globally.

“Our work at Lynn Sage is bolstered by individuals and organizations that share in our vision,” said Laura Sage, daughter of Lynn Sage and founder of the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation. “Tifosi signifies a great brand partnership – they brought an idea forth and then followed through. We’re honored to apply the $3,215 to fund our work.”

For more information on the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation, visit: http://www.lynnsage.org. To learn more about Tifosi Optics, please visit: http://www.tifosioptics.com.