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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Textile Exchange Responds to PETA Allegations

In a recent article published by CBS News, and according to its website, PETA has alleged that it has found “shocking cruelty that sheds doubt on the standards and disturbing evidence that will shake consumers’ confidence in the word “responsible.” But according to Textile Exchange, PETA has not established a link between live plucking and RDS certified products.

“The footage of the shocking practices found in China was not recorded at farms certified to the Standard,” said the textile group. “The Responsible Down Standard expressly prohibits live plucking, and other violations of animal welfare. As soon as we became aware of PETA’s investigation, we spoke with our certification bodies and certified suppliers in this region, and we have confirmation that no down from the PETA-investigated sites could have been sold as certified.”

“Through the Responsible Down Standard, we have had a large and extensive impact on the lives of geese and ducks around the world. We provide traceability needed to ensure that RDS down does not come from live plucked birds and to reduce the occurrence of live plucking and force feeding in the industry as a whole,” continued the official statement.

“We applaud the work of credible animal welfare and animal rights organizations for raising awareness for animal welfare issues around the world. We acknowledge the challenge to ensure that all animals within the down supply chain are treated in a humane ethically responsible manner, and we continue to evolve The Responsible

Down Standard, which remains the strongest way to ensure down has not come from live-plucked birds.”

Down used in manufacturing is derived from geese that are primarily raised for their meat and liver, which industry experts estimate comprise 85 – 90% of the economic value of a goose. By comparison, down is estimated to comprise roughly 5% of the economic value. According to a member survey conducted by the European Down and

Feather Association (EDFA), 98% of down and feathers produced worldwide are a

natural by-product of poultry breeding or meat production


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