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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Terramar to Debut Interactive Showroom Sales Table at OR

Terramar is saying goodbye to old-fashioned print order forms and boring line presentations. The base layers and technical outdoor brand has announced the debut of a first-of-its-kind electronic and interactive Showroom Sales Tables, which the company will be launching at its Booth (#33051) at the 2013 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market this January.

The tables, featuring touch screen and visual recognition technology, allows for more productive and engaging sales meetings. Each Terramar product is “tagged” with a unique code and when placed on the table, specific information instantly appears, including product specs, pricing, photos, details and videos. Patented interactive functions allow all meeting participants to take notes directly on the table via wireless keyboards. Once the meeting is concluded, buyers, sales reps, product development teams and management are emailed a complete meeting recap, including selected items with product pictures, detailed notes and an electronic order form.

“We are very proud to be the first company to use this sales table and to be launching it at Outdoor Retailer” says Ben Lieberman, President of Terramar Sports. “As a sales, product development and marketing tool, we believe it is a true-game changer.”

The table and its features were conceived of and designed by BrandAxion Inc. and brought to life by After-mouse.com, a Microsoft approved app development firm.

“Our goal was to develop an interactive sales and marketing tool that would use new technology to effectively showcase our client’s products, while simultaneously streamlining the sales process,” says Jeff Danzer, President of BrandAxion. “Until now, the sales cycle for new products can take several weeks- after the product is presented to buyers, a lot of time is spent following up, deciphering meeting notes, and re-sending product info. These tables take care of all the post-show effort and allow for quick and efficient follow-up.”

In the Spring, Terramar will be adding an API interface to the application so buyers can place their orders directly from the table and sales reps can access updated company inventory.

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