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Friday, June 18, 2021

Slackline Industries, Locals to Create Public Slackline Course in Boulder

At the start of 2017 slacklining in Boulder parks was a crime. After years of lobbying from Slackline Industries and active community members, the Boulder City Council in March agreed to put rules in place that would allow slacklining in certain parks. Now, to make slacklining more accessible to the public, all three parties have come together to build a slackline course in Tantra Park in South Boulder.

Slackline Industries and Boulder City Council have agreed to fund the majority of the expenses to build the park, however the community is expected to raise $2,700 by August 31. Their current fundraising total is $2,143.

“This is the first time a private company, a local authority, and community have come together to build a park like this,” said Ricardo Bottome, CEO of Slackline Industries. “It’s going to be an amazing community resource and we’re really happy to sponsor it. We commend the city for helping to make it all possible and our amazing group of local slackliners for helping push it forward.”

Slackline Industries has been instrumental in engineering the Tantra Park Slackline Course, drafting the park design and offering expertise from professional athletes.

“This is going to be a great cross-training park for the Boulder community,” said Jaime Pletcher, marketing director at Slackline Industries. “You want to be a better skier, climber, snowboarder, hiker, biker, or runner? Slacklining is the answer.”

The slackline obstacle course will include four steel posts that will support a series of five or more slacklines that range from 24 to 100 feet in length.

“The design complements Tantra Park’s new play structure,” said Pletcher, who was one of the lead designers of the slackline course, “and offers an opportunity for people of all ages to make new friends and have fun improving their balance.”

To see the plans or donate, visit the community website here.


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