RV Rentals Bookings Skyrocket Ahead of Summer Travel Season

Peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace RVshare has achieved “the highest recorded booking numbers in company history,” with a 650% rise in RV rental bookings since early April. The dramatic surge comes amid the ongoing pandemic, as long periods of isolation and social distancing have halted most forms of travel. The record-breaking numbers show that RV travel is on the rise as consumers are shifting their approach to travel when outlining future plans and considering overall safety, said the company. 

“RV travel has been a trend steadily on the rise for years due to RV rentals being more accessible than ever thanks to sites like RVshare,” said Jon Gray, CEO of RVshare. “We expect RVs to continue to gain traction as a preferred method of travel while consumers are seeking flexible options and a unique way to experience the outdoors.” 

Based on findings from a recent survey among RVshare users, travelers revealed preferences for both outdoor travel, destination proximity and booking flexibility within the next few months. For starters, travelers appear ready for their next summer adventure. In fact, 77% of respondents are looking to make travel plans within the next three months.  

And when planning a trip in the next three months, the overwhelming majority of respondents (93%) want to avoid crowds. This wasn’t always the case. The importance of avoiding crowded places when traveling has increased by 70% since the pandemic started. Additionally, 84% plan to travel with their partner or immediate family instead of friends or extended family.  

Perhaps not surprising and somewhat related to the desire to avoid crowds, 65% of travelers want to be in and around nature. Preferred locations in the next three months include a national park (65%) or a lake destination (47%). New outdoor destinations are being searched and rising to RVshare’s Top 100 most popular destinations, said the company, including Lake Murray, Okla., Garner State Park, Texas, Oak Mountain State Park, Ala., Arcadia Peace River Campground, Fla., Happy Jack, Ariz., and Colorado Springs, Colo.   

And finally, with many spring trips cancelled, travelers report they are eager to take longer trips once they travel.  Close to half of survey respondents say they plan to travel for a week to more than 10 days, show the RVShare data. 

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