Roc Gear Opens U.S. Manufacturing for Mad Water Brand

ROC Gear has created a manufacturing operation at its headquarters in Commerce, Ga., to produce waterproof bags for its Mad Water brand. The fully submersible waterproof bags are being manufactured with the latest radio frequency welding equipment.

“This investment is our first step at reducing overseas production, and bringing manufacturing back into the United States,” states Jay Buell, CEO of ROC Gear.

The first products being produced in the new facility are fully submersible waterproof duffel bags, affectionately called the “Waterproof USA Duffels.” Constructed of double coated polyurethane, the commercial-grade duffels provide extreme waterproof performance in virtually any environment. Target markets include Watersports, Paddle Sports, Boating, Fishing, Outdoor, Emergency, and Military. Offered in 3 sizes (30L, 65L and 90L), the matte black bags are already in production and available for sale, effective immediately. Several other colors are expected to enter the range in early 2016.

Early on in production development, the decision was made to team up with YKK, explained Buell. Two of the greatest influences on the YKK decision were the fact YKK individually tests every waterproof AQUASEAL zipper and YKK just recently started producing the AQUASEAL waterproof zippers in Macon, Ga.

“Putting a ‘Made In The USA’ waterproof zipper in our ‘Made In The USA’ duffel bag just seemed like the thing to do” said Buell. “While YKK is a much larger company than ROC Gear, we found a lot of common goals in our USA production initiative.”