Peak Ski Company Launches Peak by Bode Miller

Bode Miller, the two-time overall World Cup champion and six-time Olympic medalist, and co-founder Andy Wirth announced the launch of Peak Ski Company, LLC, a direct-to-consumer, high-performance ski and brand platform with a line of six all-mountain and side-country alpine skis.

The Peak Ski Company was co-founded by Miller, who will be Peak’s Chief Innovation Officer and Wirth, Peak’s Chief Executive Officer, a respected executive with global experience in the mountain resort sector, including commercial and retail operations and technology platform development.

The company developed its first prototypes and had a team of respected ski testers led by 30-year veteran ski tester David Currier (Skiing, Outside, Mountain), review the skis.

The lineup of skis for 2022/2023 includes four models of Peak by Bode Miller skis, predominantly for front country skiing, with each model delineated by the measurement (in millimeters) underfoot: The Peak 88; The Peak 98; The Peak 104, and the Peak 110.

The company also has developed a line of high-performance “side-country” skis, Peak SC by Bode Miller, including Peak SC 98’s and Peak SC 104’s.  The Peak SC by Bode Miller skis feature the relatively lightweight characteristics of backcountry or touring skis, yet uniquely integrate those high-performance qualities more typically found in front country skis.

The 2022/23 Peak by Bode Miller skis and Peak SC by Bode Miller skis will be priced at $890 and exclusively available through Based on the finite number of the company’s 22/23 line of skis, Peak Ski Company has developed a special reservation program including a fully refundable $50 deposit, allowing customers to lock-in the desired model and length of Peak skis well ahead of the 22/23 season.

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