OR Show Product Rewind

The 2022 Outdoor Retailer Show was low on attendance, energy and even exhibitors but that doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of new products, innovations and brands to uncover. Below is a small sample of some of the gems our team uncovered while walking the aisles of the Colorado Convention Center. 

Bionica Footwear 

Don’t let your footwear weigh you down. Bionica Footwear is built from lightweight performance outsoles and premium leathers for an ultralight experience. The all-weather soles get a grip on any terrain the great outdoors throws at you, regardless of whether it’s slippery from morning dew, wet from an afternoon shower or even a winter snowstorm. Bionica styles feature ultralight and super comfortable RAF technology, so you can experience all-day comfort with generous padding and extra soft cushioning, plus a heel cup that cradles your heel for proper placement and the ultimate stability. Still, you want your footwear to move with you. A flexible shoe performs better, provides the perfect fit, and delivers the utmost comfort. Using the latest innovations in technology and the highest quality leathers and materials, Bionica footwear is crafted to be flexible and to give you the freedom to move. And, because they are built with quality leather, these shoes offer durability, breathability and protection from the elements to make your next adventure a stellar one.


The dual-component adhesive system comprises a powerful, instant bonding adhesive and a welding powder. The Adhesive won’t dry out in the bottle and is guaranteed for 12 months. It can be used alone or with the Welding Powder to fill cracks, holes, and gaps. Bonds dry instantly and the repair can then be drilled, filed, sanded or ground to any shape. The combination of RapidFix Adhesive and Welding Powder can be painted or stained to match the surface around it. RapidFix can repair windshield wiper blades, radiator overflow tanks, radiators, air intake systems, gas tanks,  headlight housings and can be used for electrical wiring. The RapidFix brand is owned by Lighthouse for the Blind, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation headquartered in St. Louis. All RapidFix products are assembled by employees who are legally blind, and proceeds from sales of the products go towards funding 16 community outreach programs that provide support and resources to children and young adults who are visually impaired.  

Gobi Heat 

Gobi Heat is a U.S.-based, 100 percent female-owned heated apparel company. Based in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Gobi Heat delivers powerful heated apparel in functional fits and designs. Gobi Heat is named after the Gobi Desert straddling Mongolia and China. With temperatures ranging from 122ºF in the summer to as low as -27ºF in the winter, the Gobi Desert serves to remind us of the importance of being prepared for anything and everything. Founded by Jaye Genung, Gobi Heat manufactures fine and stylish heated attire, all of which comes with a one-year warranty, to meet its mission of providing warmth and comfort through heated clothing for all needs. Whether enjoying the outdoors, working outside in the cold or just looking to get a little “cozy” indoors, Gobi Heat has the apparel to deliver the right amount of warmth for every situation the moment you need it.

Opolis Optics 

Opolis Optics is a conscientious global brand that builds premium eyewear using recycled and bio-based material. Since its beginning, Opolis wanted to develop a collection of eyewear to complement its StokedPlastic™ Collection and its commitment to the environment. It knew Mother Nature can’t pick favorites, but it figured she would have a soft spot for a company that would use the best bio-acetate – a group of plant-based polymers made from natural materials such as hemp, red pulp and cotton seeds – to create a premium product that won’t hurt the environment. Verified by the Belgian Organic Waste System Institute, the form of bio-acetate Opolis uses biodegrades in 115 days compared to normal plastics, which can take up to 400 years to decompose completely. Today, Opolis builds sunglasses from recycled plastics and materials from our oceans and landfills. This reduces plastic waste and creates jobs for local communities worldwide. It also donates to environmental NGOs through 1% FOR THE PLANET. Wearing Opolis Optics’ sunglasses proves that seeing is believing.


The Nordic-Step makes cross-country skiing more accessible, comfortable and affordable for beginner and seasoned cross-country skiers. The Nordic-Step is a one-of-a-kind shoe harness that allows skiers to connect any winter boot to their cross-country skis. The one-size-fits-most Nordic-Step can accommodate and adjust to fit boots as small as women’s size 5 to a men’s size 16, giving everyone access to this winter sport. The adaptability and versatility of the Nordic-Step make sharing a pair of skis among several users easy and effortless. Just adjust the harness to any pair of winter boots, clip into any pair of cross-country skis with matching bindings and step into snow.

YKK Touchlink 

Outdoor brand ARTILECT has adopted YKK’s Touchlink Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled zipper for its Fall/Winter 2022 line, deploying the technology on 17 styles for men and women. With the adoption of Touchlink fasteners, ARTILECT provides its consumers with richer user experiences and enhanced product functionality. With a tap of their smartphone on the Touchlink zipper, customers can access product information, register their warranty, get care instructions and more, including safety benefits offered by the Lifekey software platform. In addition, the Touchlink fastener provides ARTILECT customers the ability to check in with family or friends before and after outdoor activities and even dispatch first responders in an emergency. An advantage of the technology used for YKK’s Touchlink fastener is its permanence and durability. The NFC chip is molded into the zipper puller, which completely encases it, making it highly resistant to moisture and breakage. The Touchlink fastener was a finalist in the Outdoor Retailer 2022 Innovation Awards.

Eagles Nest Outfitters 

Eagles Nest Outfitter Inc. introduces its SuperNest SL Hammock, a mesh-bodied, lightweight version of the popular SuperNest Hammock. Using advanced construction techniques and outdoor-grade materials, the all-new SuperNest SL Hammock underlines the company’s commitment to developing premium backyard furniture that can live seasonally outdoors and be enjoyed between adventures.

SuperNest SL technical features and materials:

  • Proprietary tri-blend mesh body engineered to withstand varied outdoor conditions while providing unparalleled comfort and breathability
  • 3D contoured design creates an ergonomic lounging experience while increasing safety and stability as compared to traditional spreader bar hammocks
  • Two removable plush pillows for symmetrical lounging
  • Dual hanging pockets with a divider to store essentials
  • Pre-curved aluminum spreader bars that break down for easy storage and transport
  • Marine-grade hardware to withstand degradation
  • UV-resistant trims with tapered webbing and hand-tied knots
  • Optional tether system to increase safety and stability when paired with a hammock stand

The SuperNest SL Hammock ($299.95) pairs perfectly with the brand’s Backyard Collection hammock accessories.


Mountain Safety Research (MSR) launches comfortable and easy to use bindings for Fall 2022 with the introduction of its Paraglide bindings on its Trail Series of snowshoes. The Trail Series is designed for recreationists who are interested in winter adventuring. These new bindings offer a perfect blend of comfort, ease and security for these Trail-level snowshoers. To start, their two roller buckles and toe stops make placing feet and securing and removing straps simple and intuitive. To hold the snowshoe in place, the buckles are combined with a pressure point-free stretch mesh that hugs feet comfortably and is compatible with nearly any footwear. All three models of MSR’s Trail Series of snowshoes will receive these new Paraglide bindings, as well as new colorways starting August 1, 2022.


Nordica North America 

Nordica announces a new family of skis for the 2022-23 season: the Unleashed collection. The five-model collection is designed for the modern freeskier. Designed to handle diverse terrain and variable conditions, Unleashed skis feature a new shape with steeper shovels for easy tip initiation and soft snow deflection and turned-up tails for easy swiveling and riding switch. The collection includes the 108, 98, and 90, and the 98 W and 90 W. Construction-wise, the 108, 98, and 98 W feature a carbon-reinforced wood core with a sheet of Nordica’s Terrain Specific Metal (TSM), a lightweight layer of metal tuned specifically for each model based on underfoot width and intended ski use. Combined with Nordica’s True Tip Technology, the construction reduces weight, enhances edge hold, and dampens vibrations for smooth easy-turning skis while maintaining the power and stability Nordica skis are known for. MSRPs for the Unleashed 108 are $799.99, $699.99 for the 98, and $399.99 for the 90. Pricing for the Unleashed 98 W and 90 W is $699.99 and $399.99, respectively. For more information, visit Nordica.com.   

Tear Mender

Tear Mender developed adhesive for outdoor fabric and vinyl fixes. The adhesive can form a tight bond to fix tears and rips that may hinder your journey. Tear Mender can fix almost every fabric, vinyl or leather, such as clothing, gear, tents, and cabins. This clear adhesive instantly seals tears, seams and pinholes. The finished repairs are flexible, waterproof and can be washed after only 15 minutes of applying.

  • Vinyl repair patch will repair leaks in inflatables permanently
  • Abrasion-resistant shield
  • Stops rips from spreading
  • Cures in three minutes


Aetrex provides comfortable orthotics that help maintain the foot’s arch and prevent heel pain. The pains are quelled by the orthotics’ stabilizing natural alignment. The pads are made from memory foam to give the wearer extra comfort and cushioning. Aetrex technology is the world’s leading foot scanning system, and it is used to recommend the correct orthotic.

  • Scanning takes only 10 seconds for accurate results
  • Personalized to fit the wearer
  • Helping people with foot pains since 1946
  • Orthotics help with flat feet, heel pain, foot discomfort, and plantar fasciitis


Got-Bag created the world’s first backpacks made from plastic recovered by more than 2,000 Indonesian fishermen. Got-Bag is dedicated to cleaning oceans and encouraging the responsible use of plastic. The GOT BAG Family raises awareness and sensitizes people worldwide to a more conscious use of natural resources. Every product Got-Bag sells is sustainable, durable and waterproof. Got-Bag also creates other products such as wallets, bottles and laptop sleeves. Got-Bag products are based on:

  • High-quality manufacturing & timeless design
  • Resource-saving production
  • Together against plastic
  • Added value for people & the environment

Josmo Shoes

Josmo Shoes is an international distributor of children’s and men’s footwear. Founded more than 25 years ago, Josmo Shoes has been on a mission to provide retailers with traditional, fashionable shoes at an inexpensive price, and to help increase your business’ profit and overall productivity.


The new Peak Series of water filtration systems builds upon the success of the original Lifestraw designs, featuring five models that are engineered to offer durability and versatility in lightweight and compact carrying options. Featuring extra-thick materials, leak-proof storage capabilities and removable and reconfigurable filters, the series includes the Personal Water Filter Straw, the 650 ml and 1L Collapsible Squeeze Bottle Water Filter System, the 3L and 8L Gravity Water Filter System, and the Gravity Water Filter + Water Storage Bag.


Brrr° creates high-quality cooling fabric to keep you cool on hot summer days. Brrr° provides fast and continuous cooling which reduces skin temperature. The cooling technology is integrated into the fiber and never gets weaker or washes away. Brrr° creates different kinds of cooling fabrics including clothing, car seats and bedding. Brrr° products:

  • Use cooling minerals to keep you cool longer
  • Move moisture into the air to keep the fabric fresh
  • Take only 6 minutes and 16 seconds to dry
  • Take 1 minute to reach 20 MM
  • Lose heat fast, 217 Q Max (W/CM2)


GRIP6 builds products that are meant to last a long time with a goal to make the best belt ever to cross the market. GRIP6 belts look good, function better than the rest and last longer than any other belt you’ve worn. Every product is made in Salt Lake City from items sourced in the United States. GRIP6 also sells comfortable, affordable woolen socks. The U.S.-made wallets are intuitive and are easy for you to retrieve any of your cards.

● Cards out of the wallet are taken out easily by hand but hard to fall out on their own
● Small wallet fits in almost any size pocket
● One order of socks comes with another pair free
● Every product is made in the United States