Optimer Receives ECO Passport Certification

DRICOMFORT GEO 365 technology, which offers permanent wicking, fast-drying, thermal regulation and is developed with embedded minerals in the polymer structure, has received the ECO PASSPORT certification by OEKO-TEX. The infusion of minerals in the polymer structure enhances comfort and performance.

These inherently hydrophilic (water-absorbing) and conductive (energy-absorbing) mineral particles pull moisture and heat from the skin. DRICOMFORT GEO 365 uses the body’s energy to make heat-carrying sweat evaporate at a faster rate, enhancing the evaporative cooling of fabrics.

“This innovative technology is optimized for filament-based fabrics, including recycled and biodegradable,” said Optimer’s VP of Sales & Business Development, Dwayne Ayers. “With so many challenges to create newness while advancing sustainability in the textile industry, our DRICOMFORT GEO 365 will be a game changer that offers flexibility and versatility to enhance the performance of a wide variety of existing fabric constructions.”

DRICOMFORT GEO 365 is not a chemical finish or topical coating that washes out. The infused mineral particles become part of the fiber structure, imparting permanent performance without impacting fabric processing or aesthetics.