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Sunday, June 20, 2021

New Paddle Brands Debuts with US-Made, Recycled Paddles

Whitewater Technology, a new entrant to the high-performance paddlesports market, launched its first 100% made-in-USA, recycled carbon fiber paddle range with an exclusive pre-sale on www.whitewater-technology.com.

The range, which features paddles for all disciplines, wasn designed by advanced materials engineer and whitewater kayaker Ollie Wainwright. Using his composites background in the motorsports industry, WT’s first paddles are the result of two-year R&D effort into the use of recycled carbon fiber in high performance outdoor and sporting goods.

“As both a serious paddler and materials engineer, I had grown frustrated with the lack of a sustainable high-performance paddle option. We’re out there in nature every weekend using a product that ultimately ends up in landfill,” said Wainwright. “So, a few years ago we set out to try and change this.

“We’re really pleased with the results and what we’ve been able to accomplish in designing a more sustainable paddle that performs and we’re stoked to share this with the paddling community,” he continued.

WT’s paddles utilize a high-impact, non-woven composite that combines 40% recycled carbon fiber with a thermoplastic resin system and an aramid puncture resistant layer. The result is a performance paddle with identical weight, strength and stiffness properties to a non recycled product, said the company.

Available initially as a pre-order via the WT website in addition to specialty retailers, the range includes paddles for whitewater, touring, fishing, SUP, rafting and canoe with a variety of adjustable length and shaped shafts.

Pre-sale pricing starts at $240 including free shipping, 5-year warranty and crash replacement.

Dealer sales and other enquiries: info@whitewater-technology.com

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