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Monday, October 25, 2021

mountainFLOW Mandates Time Away from Work

mountainFLOW, an innovative Colorado company that revolutionized the ski wax and bike lube industries with its line of eco-friendly products, became the first company in the outdoor industry to mandate extended time away from work, dubbed “Adventure Time.”

Launched in 2016 and based in Carbondale, Colorado, mountainFLOW won multiple awards at the 2020 Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver and was featured on Season 12 of ABC’s hit program Shark Tank, due to the company’s eco-friendly plant-based waxes and lubes that have revolutionized the ski and bike industries.

In 2020 mountainFLOW became a certified B-Corporation, and all the company’s products are certified bio-based by the USDA.

Now mountainFLOW is treading new ground to the benefit of its employees, and to emphasize the value of the outdoors and a positive work-life balance. While mountainFLOW offers unlimited paid time off to its employees, the company now requires employees to go on a more than three-day adventure where they are unplugged and disconnected from all devices and work responsibilities. No other company in the outdoor industry has implemented such a policy.

“At mountainFLOW our brand mission is to create high performance, eco-friendly products that help people find their FLOW in the mountains,” said founder and CEO Peter Arlein. “As such, it is imperative to the company culture and the general stoke of the team to ensure that everyone is getting outside and away from their devices.”

Arlein will kick off the program this fall with a biking/camping trip with his family on the White Rim trail in Moab, Utah. He and the other mountainFLOW employees will chronicle their adventures in a blog titled “How’s your MA (Mandatory Adventure)?” located on moutainFLOW’s website.

“With workers starting to come back into the office, work/life balance is top of mind and interesting hybrid models are starting to emerge,” Arlein said. “Work is no longer about 40 hours in front of a computer screen, and mountainFLOW is stoked to be pioneering a new model.”

To learn more about mountainFLOW visit www.mountainflow.com

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