MAS Launches Nova on Indiegogo

More evidence that crowdsourcing is not just for start-up, but a viable research and launching tool for established brands, apparel manufacturers MAS Innovations announced its first crowdfunding test on the wearables front with a unique solution to keep users safe as they get outdoors and take on the elements and the dark. Safety in lower Visibility conditions has become a real need and hence this launch is centered around solving for exactly this.

The NOVA athletic jacket was invented to keep runners and cyclists visible at night. It is seamlessly integrated with fabric-LEDs, ensuring a 450-foot range of visibility and three lighting modes (high, low and flashing). Powered by a small rechargeable battery that charges in just 30 minutes, the jacket stays lit for up to 8 hours. NOVA’s jacket also is water and wind resistant, has thumbholes, pockets for everything from your phone to your headphones, and a hood.

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Despite the new technology, MAS says the product fits and feels just like usual running gear – the fabric is stretchable, comfortable and machine washable — just don’t forget to remove the battery.

“Do help back us and test out this product – we are keen to hear your feedback so we can continue to iterate and create. Your Nova jacket is delivered by May 2018 and, if you pre-order now and you’ll save 44%,” said the company.