Marmot Adds Tranparency to Packaging

New packaging from Marmot starting in Spring 2020 will put sustainability front and center, said the company. With the launch of its Sustainability Initiative, Marmot products will feature a transparent rating system that helps consumers understand the sustainability footprint of every product throughout the entire Marmot outerwear and sleeping bag lines.

Marmot says it uses a process to rate each product for three supply-chain impact areas: recycled content, PFC-free chemical compliance and overall harmful chemical reduction. Marmot’s three-tiered rating system is listed on the packaging and identifies the product as either— “Good:” the product cleared one threshold. “Better:” product cleared two categories. “Best:” meaning the product cleared the threshold for all three categories.

“Marmot is committed to sustainable business practices because we value it and because our consumers value it.,” said Chris Harges, director of brand at Marmot. “This is part of an ongoing process we have been working on for years. Our goal has always been to make high-performance gear, and we’ll continue pursuing sustainability for our users without sacrificing performance.”

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This is a push Marmot hopes gains traction within the industry as a whole and that consumers being to not only appreciate it but ask for it and expect it for making decisions when they shop, said the company.