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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Mad Jack Brings ‘Brandless’ E-Bike to Marketplace

Mad Jack Outdoor announced its entry into the e-bike sector. According to co-founder Ricardo Collison, Mad Jack is seeing its e-bike sales skyrocket this year. But being a market “rookie, we are further down the line for fulfillment,” he said. “The no brainer solution to keep our customer base happy and meet demand was to produce our own line of best electric bikes.”

The line now includes folding electric bikes, city electric bikes, mountain electric bikes, caprgo electric bikes.

“By layering in the ‘Brandless’ approach, we are able to pass the savings on to our customers’, explained Kristin Mehiel, co-founder at Mad Jack Outdoor, “We are manufacturing with a veteran facility that produces e-dikes for the bigger cycling brands on the market. By going ‘Brandless’, we save on manufacturing costs — by literally avoiding slapping our label on the e-bike — we can pass hundreds of dollars of savings on to our customer, while steadying our supply chain”

Mad Jack Outdoor is a first-of-its-kind online marketplace in the outdoor pace. Utilizing a three-pronged approach, this marketplace model enables new brands to reach customers outside of the traditional, slow-to-adopt channels by advertising on behalf of the brand. Mad Jack Outdoor’s main objective is to get the brand’s product in front of as many people as possible.  Simultaneously, the marketplace works with independent specialty brick-and-mortar retailers helping them sell more effectively online while giving shoppers the opportunity to access the entire product catalogs of veteran brands.

“Mad Jack Outdoor is many things, but status quo is not one of them” said Michele Colison, co-founder of Mad Jack Outdoor. “We are all about innovation, if our customers have a need for a product, we are not going to wait in line, we are going to solve the problem and meet the needs of customers head on. We are all about challenging the status quo and creating something new, something better, a marketplace that adds value for brands, retailers and customers, an outdoorsy marketplace for us all. We offer the most innovative gear on the market, next to world class brands, direct from manufacturers and partner retail stores in one unique online marketplace.”

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