Lightload Towels Launches Extra Strong Version

Lightload Towels have been revolutionizing how we stay fresh on the road for over a decade, and a new addition to the range has just launched for the active traveler who needs a strong, reliable and convenient method of keeping dry that won’t eat up limited luggage space. The Extra Strength Beach Towel can be used in exactly the same way as an ordinary towel, but with additional benefits.

The 36×60″ design weighs in at a tiny 0.3lbs, and the space-saving square shape fits easily into even the smallest pocket, backpack or purse. The new design has been made to last longer and withstand even the roughest tasks with ease – it can be used as a washcloth, insulator, first aid supplement and sun blocker.

The hypoallergenic qualities are kind on skin, meaning the Extra Strength Beach Towel can be used to ease skin irritations and nettle stings and can even be used on delicate youngsters as a diaper. Natural antibacterial properties stop the towel from smelling, and they are machine washable and dryer friendly, for total convenience on the road, in the great outdoors or at the beach.

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George “Wideload” Wheeler, founder of Lightload Towels said, “From years of long-distance hiking across America and Asia, it became obvious to me that whilst staying clean is a necessity, travelling with an ordinary towel isn’t practical when space is short. Using a cloth or bandana repeatedly is unhygienic. I have been able to utilize my personal experience to develop the new Extra Strength Beach Towel to meet the needs that others on the market don’t. Our focus with this product is durability, convenience and versatility, perfect for those who love getting back to nature and setting off on spontaneous adventures off the beaten track.”

The new design is made from bio-based, extra strength 100% Lyocell that is hard-wearing yet soft, so even the muddiest hiking trip or toughest trail ride won’t prove a problem. Lightload Towels are far more absorbent than other microfiber and cotton towels, and each comes in waterproof packaging.


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